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Photograph Reimaging

If you have been digging into your family history, you probably have come across some old sepia or black and white photographs.  Many of those photographs will have been stored in shoe boxes or the like and been pushed into an unused closet or under the bed or even worse, in the dark, damp garage!  This, and raging, causes fading, cracking and general decay of these photographs which give us such insight into what our ancestors looked like and where they lived.  

If you have some of these photos, we at Hamsterheid can help you fix them up.  We have the ability to attempt to make your family come to life!  The photos below are of my own family.  The first one is the original, scanned photo, the second one has been enhanced and colourised and the third one is a comparison between the two.  Look at the difference!  The colourised version brings the children in the picture to life!



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